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    Clicks Energy Granules 20 x 5g Sachets

    R 183.00
    Clicks Energy Granules 20 x 5g Sachets
    SKU: EnergyG

    Clicks Energy Granules 5g Sachets is a supplement that helps to maintain good health and increased energy. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B1 and calcium.

    Composition: Each 5g sachet contains: Vitamin C - 500 mg. Vitamin B1 - 2.0 mg. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - 0.5 mg. L-Glutathione - 0.5 mg. Calcium inositol hexaphosphate - 100 mg. Contains sugar (2,98g sucrose) per 5g sachet. Contains sweetener (3 mg sodium saccharin and 25.6 mg sodium cyclamate) per 5g sachet. Complementary medicine: D34.12 multiple substance formulation.