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    Potjie size 3 - 3 legged pot

    R 699.00
    Potjie size 3 - 3 legged pot - Mega Master or Best Duty

    Potjie size 3 - 3 legged pot 

    These pots have already been Oil treated

    • 7.8Litres
    • Cast Iron
    • Black
    • 10.6Kg

    Potjie pots have a unique belly shape that sets up and allows for a cycle of steam and flavours to circulate inside the pot thus creating the subtle and delicate balance of flavour fusion yet with each individual ingredient characteristics and taste intact.

    A potjie meal is not a stew. Potjies, are not meant to be stirred so that each vegetable ingredient retains its own flavour and can be served separately.
    BestDuty’s traditional shape and quality of metal ensures that the pot will last a lifetime. The cast iron lid helps seal in the cooking process.


    Potjies are both nutritious and economical in that they are a perfect balance between the vegetable and meat portions and are enjoyed by all.

    Cooking in iron pots has shown that small traces (parts per million) of iron is available to be ingested which is very good for the general health.



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