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    Maximor Advance for Men 2's

    R 289.00
    Maximor Advance for Men 2's

    Maximor Advance for Men 2's

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    MAXIMOR ADVANCE FOR MEN Sexual Performance Enhancer(4 Tabs) Nature's answer for assisting in Stronger Erections and Increased Sex Drive The herbal components in MAXIMOR ADVANCE FOR MEN create a powerful formulation that has assisted many men suffering from sexual dysfunction. MAXIMOR ADVANCE FOR MEN merges the most finely extract herbs in exact amounts to generate the strongest solution for men. 100% herbal formula Feel the effects within 40min Experience a harder and longer lasting erection Enhances sex drive and desire Prolongs performance Ingredients Epimedium brevicornum (120 mg), Panax ginseng (70mg) Panax quinquefolius (70mg) ,Dioscorea villosa (40mg) Lycium chinense (40mg), Cistanche deserticola (30mg), Fructus rubi (30mg), Euryale ferox (20mg) , Schisandra chinensis (20mg) ,Poria cocos (15mg), Piper nigrum (5mg)

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