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    Epizone A Baby and kids 500g

    R 66.00
    Epizone A Baby and kids 500g

     Product Name Baby & Kids Epizone A

    Product Category Baby Products

    Description Your baby’s skin is incredibly soft, delicate and

    sensitive. It requires gentle care, attention and

    products to suit the nature of their tender skins.

    For the best care Baby and Kids Epizone A is a mild

    and gentle formulation that provides the best

    nourishing and protection without harming the skin.

    Baby & Kids Epizone A keeps your little one’s skin

    soft, while at the same time offering the necessary

    protection, cleansing, nourishing and moisture that

    lasts throughout the day.

    Baby & Kids Epizone A contains no perfume and

    colorants and is hypo-allergenic.

    Directions for Use As a moisturiser: Take a small amount of Baby & Kids

    Epizone A in your hands and massage your baby’s

    whole body after bathing him/her.

    As a cleanser: Use as a replacement for soap. Rub a

    small amount gently over your baby’s body.

    For external use only.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Indications * Barrier cream

    * All over moisturiser

    Ingredients Aqua (Water), Petrolatum, Cetearyl Alcohol,

    Paraffinium Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Imidiazolidinyl

    Urea (Preservative)

    Packaging 500g Tub